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Online Maa Tara puja
Maa Tara Puja in Tarapith is a popular Hindu puja that is performed to seek the blessings of the Goddess. It is a form of worship that involves offerings and chanting of mantras to please the deity. Performing Maa Tara Puja has been a ritual in the holy city of Tarapith, West Bengal for centuries.
The internet has made it possible for devotees to perform this puja from the comfort of their homes. Online Maa Tara Puja allows worshippers to connect with the divine energy of the Goddess and offer prayers to her from anywhere in the world. The online puja follows the same rituals and mantras as the traditional one and provides devotees with an opportunity to worship the goddess without having to be physically present at the temple.
The puja includes the chanting of mantras, lighting of incense sticks, offering flowers and prasad, performing aarti and offering arghya (water) to the goddess. The devotee can also choose to offer bhog (food) and other items to the goddess. All of these rituals can be done online. After completing the puja, one can even get a blessing and divine message from the goddess through astrology or palm reading.
Online Maa Tara Puja is beneficial for those who are unable to travel to Tarapith due to physical or financial constraints. It is also ideal for those who wish to keep their devotion alive despite living away from Tarapith. With this puja, one can feel close to the divine energy and seek her blessings no matter where they are.

Offline Maa Tara puja
Maa Tara Puja in Tarapith is a spiritual ritual which is believed to bring peace, success, and good fortune to all those who perform it. This ritual involves chanting mantras, offering flowers, and ringing bells in the temple of Maa Tara in Tarapith. The puja can be done alone or with family and friends. It is believed that by performing the puja, one can receive blessings from the divine mother Maa Tara.
The puja begins with a ceremonial washing of hands and feet in the holy water, followed by offering flowers and chanting of mantras. The devotees then offer prayers and light incense sticks around the deity. After offering prayers, the devotees ring the bells around the shrine in order to invoke the blessings of Maa Tara. The puja ends with offering of fruits and sweets to the deity and taking prasad home.
It is said that performing Maa Tara Puja in Tarapith brings about peace and positivity into one’s life. In addition, it also helps in alleviating negative energies from one’s life and helps to attain success and good luck. Therefore, it is an important ritual for those seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment.

How to do the puja
Maa Tara Puja in Tarapith is a form of spiritual practice which involves worshipping the Divine Mother. It is believed that the goddess fulfils all the desires and prayers of her devotees. In order to do the puja, one needs to gather all the required items such as flowers, incense sticks, fruits, coconut, sweets, lamps etc. and set up an altar for Maa Tara.
Before starting the puja, it is important to take a purifying bath. One can also chant mantras while bathing to invoke the goddess’s blessings. After this, one can light a diya and incense sticks and offer flowers to Maa Tara. Chanting her mantras, hymns and devotional songs will help to strengthen the bond between the devotee and the goddess.
Once the offerings are made, one should perform an aarti or worship ritual. This includes reciting a set of hymns and songs dedicated to Maa Tara while waving a plate of burning camphor around the deity. After this, one should offer the fruits, coconuts and sweets to the goddess and seek her blessings.
The puja ends with a prayer asking for forgiveness for any errors committed during the process. The devotee should then thank Maa Tara for her blessings and seek her guidance in their future endeavors.

Benefits of doing the puja
Maa Tara Puja in Tarapith can bring immense spiritual, mental and physical benefits to devotees. The puja is believed to open up channels of spiritual energy, allowing for a deeper connection with the divine and a greater understanding of life’s purpose. Practicing Maa Tara Puja also helps to strengthen one’s inner self and rid oneself of negative energies and influences. On a physical level, the puja is believed to promote overall good health and vitality. Practicing Maa Tara Puja regularly also helps devotees gain mental clarity, increased focus and inner peace, while providing emotional balance and stability. Ultimately, the benefits of Maa Tara Puja in Tarapith are endless and are a true blessing for anyone who partakes in this sacred tradition.