Santiniketan & Rabindranath Tagore In 1863, Debendranath Tagore took on endless parcel 20 acres(,000 m2) of land, with two chhatim( Alstonia scholaris) trees, at a monthly payment ofRs. 5, from Bhuban Mohan Sinha, the talukdar of Raipur, Birbhum. He erected a guest house there and named it Shantiniketan( the residence of peace). Gradationally, the whole […]


Tarapith & Maa Tara There are several legends recited on the origin and significance of this place, all related to the goddess Tara deified in the Tarapith tabernacle. A well- known legend relates to the Shakti Piths. Sati, the consort of Shiva, felt disrespected when her father Daksha designedly didn’t invite Shiva to the great […]


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